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Accepting Prior Service Applicants!!

Return to Service in your last rank and start earning pay/benefits.
You can receive your Full GI Bill while enjoying the States Tuition Waiver.
You may also qualify for Student Loan Repayment Program up to $50,000.


Benefits available to you:                                                                                Jobs available in this State: 
  • Health Benefits                                                                                         Infantry/Engineer/Artillery
  • Student Loan Repayment Program                                                            Medical
  • Tuition Waiver Program                                                                            Administration
  • Job Skill                                                                                                   Transportation/Mechanic
  • Part Time Pay                                                                                           Military Police/Intelligence   
  • Thrift Savings Plan (401k)                                                                       Logistics
  • 20 year Retirement                                                                                   Aviation

Drill Pay

Just two days, one weekend a month.

ShareFor only two days of drill each month, you'll bring home a nice paycheck. The number of years you've been in the Guard, plus other allowances, can help push the amount even higher.

Your Rank         Pay for Two Days
E-1                             $193.00
E-2                             $216.00
E-3                             $227.00
E-4                             $252.00
E-5                             $275.00
E-6                             $300.00

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